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Market Time Caddy [Fold up -Shopping Cart]
  • Market Time Caddy [Fold up -Shopping Cart]

    SKU: 1292023
    $299.00 Regular Price
    $279.00Sale Price
    • Grocery and Utility Shopping Cart
    • Collapsable and Portable
    • Save Space 
    • Light Weight
    • The Market Time Caddy is Extra Large for Family shopping and ergonomically designed to make your grocery shopping easier.
    • Holds 10 Half Gallons of Milk, 50 Soup Cans.
    • Its upright position, lighter weight, 360 degree turning capability allows for faster and smoother navigating through other carts and shoppers.
    • Its detachable and easily washable tote bags with carrying handles make cleaning simple. The foldability allows for easy storage in your auto trunk or home.
    • In addition, bringing your groceries into the house from the driveway or sidewalk has never been easier.
    • Just roll the Market Time Caddy right into your home kitchen and quickly unload your items saving you the hassle of multiple trips to the car or front door.
    • Whether you are at a grocery store, outdoor market, shopping center or even a convenient store you have earned the right and ability to make your shopping fast and smooth by using our highly maneuverable shopping cart. 


    • Cart  H=41 in.
    • Cart Weight 16 LBS
    • Carrying Tote Bags  2  [L=13 in, W=10 in ]
    • Zip Pouch 1
    • Hand Grips 2 
    • Wheels 4
    • Weight Limit 25-30lbs.


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