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  • How long will OSS 20-20 Safe Siren Alarm sound?
    For as long as the pull pin is released or detached from Safe Siren Alarm Unit. Once pin is replaced the Safe Siren Alarm will turn off.
  • Can the OSS 20-20 be used for other activities ? other than running?
    Yes the purpose of the OSS 20-20 is to increase the safety level of the user by enhancing thier ability to be heard from a distance in an emergency. Some other potential uses: walking, hiking, elderly in home fall , bike riding, commuter night safety, walking home in the dark (potentially unsafe area).
  • How Loud is the OSS 20-20 Safe Siren?
    130-145 Decibels Approximately , enough to disorient unwanted approacher, buy a few second of time to get away, get attention or help from public or authorities.
  • How long will the batteries last? How often should I check them?
    The batteries should last anywhere from 3 months to a 12+ months depending on use. However one should check the batteries and alarm unit once a week or at times to be sure it is functioning properly.
  • Is the OSS 20-20 Safe Siren waterproof?
    It is an electronic unit and it is water resistent but not waterproof. So you should protect it from water and heat that could potentially damage the units ability to work properly.
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