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The Rough and Tough Bike Cargo Protector and Defender that hits the trails with you 24/7 Rain or Shine.....



Protection: High Impact Polyurethane

1) Rain (Cell Phone and  Electronic Devices)

2) Water Proof ( Cameras and Audio Gear)

3) Sun 

4) Dirt 

5) Impact Resistant



1) Custom

2) Color Options



1)  Variety of Uses

2)  Large Cargo Space

3)  Food, Safety, Emergency

4)  Cell Phone Storage, Camera

5)  Clothing, Rain Jacket


Why Speed-Tube ? 


Top 10 Reasons:


  • Freedom to ride with your style hanging back or forward with the wind.

  • No shifting Weight

  • No Extra Sweat Generated

  • No wrinkled shirt or markings of a heavy load was here

  • Your Phone and expensive items secured

  • Waterproof

  • Windproof

  • Sun proof

  • Virtually Crash Proof

  • Miles and Miles down the road; No rips, tears and broken zippers


Somewhere to stow your stuff with peace of mind that it is overly protected from the elements.

In addition, having the ability to carry extra stuff (Food, drinks, First Aid, Safety Accessories all in one place).


  • Don’t be left outside without your essentials.

  • Go Solo, Go Group, Pack it up with your Speed-Tube