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Quick Access Wrist Whistle_Shotgun Band
  • Quick Access Wrist Whistle_Shotgun Band

    SKU: SWWB2021

    Safety should be your priority anywhere you travel.  Even if its local, statewide, overseas, night or day time you should take precautions to ensure your personal safety and enjoy the great outdoors.


    • Is your Safety in Check?
    • Do You Walk at Night, Early Morning or in Potentially Unsafe Areas?
    • Do you Walk, jog, run or hike in parks or wooded areas?
    • Do you have to walk in a dark garage going to work or to get to your car after work?
    • Has your car broken down in a not so safe area?
    • Being followed on foot by unwanted characters?
    • Be seen and heard with the Shotgun Whistle Wrist Band. It’s there for you quick and ready easy access on your wrist.
    • It just makes plain sense for safety in the outdoors to carry a loud signaling device or whistle to alert others or ward of unwanted intruders entering your space on the trail or in public for that matter.


    Best Uses:

    • Hiking and Camping
    • Walking
    • Running
    • Self Defense
    • Lost Signaling for Help
    • Bike Ride Emergency
    • Elder Emergency Needing Aide
    • Boating Emergency
    • Swimming Emergency
    • Animal Encounter



    • 120 Decibel [Emergency Whistle with Loud High Pitch Sound]
    • Length (Wrist Band 8 inches)
    • Width (0.5 Inches)
    • Paracord 550, 350
    • Multi use (Survival Strands: fishing line, trap building, securing food).


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