Nita-Outback (Tote Backpack )

  • When Style Crosses the Line and Survival is your final option.
  • When you are out there and your senses tell you unexpectedly the world is changing and its your choice to take the lead.
  • Lost and Found you are in Charge.   



  • Light Weight
  • Emergency Back Up Water Resistant inner bag.
  • Inner Bag detachable for solo use or attachable shoulder strap.
  • Survival Gear carrier basics
  • Emergency High Impact Aluminum Flashlight with multi-signals
  • Emergency Blanket, Compass, Whistle(High Pitch long distance)
  • Water Bottle and Signal Mirror( Reflector Sun, Be Seen when Lost)
  • Plenty of room for other gear(towels, swim accessories) 
  • Extra room for hiking gear, food and snacks.
  • Cosmetics
  • 4 additional Pockets
  • Drawstring(Heavy Duty multi use in emergency)
  • Tote Pack (Cotton )
  • Inner Bag(Strong Durable Water Resistant Canvas and Vinyl)
  • Length 9"
  • Width 9"
  • Height 20"


Unexpectedly walking, hiking, auto breakdown, visiting friends and family, beach, park anywhere:


Even if you didn't sign up for being lost or being caught in a storm, tornado, fire, hurricane or flood you have some gear to enhance your survival chances. 


*Designed for analytical, logical, free sprited independent person who understands and plans to have options even when having fun.

-Play Smart and Be Smart-

Nita-Outback (Tote Backpack plus Extra Survival Gear )

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