"OSS 20-20 Safe Siren Vest is more than an alarm it’s a Personal Alarm System(PAS)"


Orangey’s Adventure Products,

*OSS 20-20 Safe Vest (OSS- Orangey’s Safe Siren)



  • Run safe, Run solo packing a high level of Discreet Self Protection.

  • Giving back your confidence and peace of mind on your daily solo run/walk with no shells needed.

  • Simple use 3 Point Safe Access Devices to deter unwanted approaches.

  • Alert authorities or people nearby you need a LITTLE HELP.

  • Leveling the field with no casualties is the best run/walk.

  • Globally accepted and neighborhood approved in most places.



First View

  • Run Safe Vest (Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Safe)  

  • Light Weight & Comfortable

  • Reflective Safe Vest

  • Zip seal Interior pocket

  • Adjustable Waist - Safe Vest 



  1. Seen from up to 1000 feet away.

  2. Heard from as far away as 600 feet.

  3. Light bounces off the reflective running safe vest.


Don’t wait to be heard or seen in an uncomfortable moment at the last minute ever again!

You can finally feel safer at night and day.

The high visibility glowing yellow colors are bright and clearly visible in the daylight and night.

OSS 20-20 Safe Vest provides Full Surround Visibility and Audibility.




  • The Secret to Your Safe well- being begins with a 3 Point Personal Alarm System (PAS)

(Be seen and Be heard enhancing your safety in unsafe situations or environments)


Our 3 Point PAS Includes the following:

            Discreetly Located

  1. Two Siren Alarms with Quick and Easy access (Dual Pull Cords)

  2. One High Pitched Whistle (Strategically located)

  3. OSS 20-20 Safe Vest (weighs less than 12 ounces)

  • Loud siren sound that can be heard from as far away as 600 feet away

  • The alarm is activated simply by pulling the contact pin out with the pull cords and inserting it back in to turn off the alarm.

  • There are 3 high powered batteries that boost the sound of the unit and enhance its lifespan.


  • The Safe Vest material is a comfortable and breathable mesh.


  • The bright colors increase your visibility in the daytime while the stripes enhance night visibility.


  • The OSS 20-20 buys you confidence and extra time to be visible when you need to be seen and heard.


  • When you purchase our vest, we include a set of components (PAS) that increase your potential for survival in challenging situations in both daylight and non-daylight hours.


  •  In addition when wearing our high visibility full view reflective gear you should potentially have an additional edge of control by being seen and heard  by simply pulling the safety cords with contact pins

  • (High pitch alarm siren release) / drawing upon the high pitch whistle for help if needed.


*Sizing and Fitting Options for different shapes and sizes


   Medium Waist 31-39 f or users Height 5’4 – 6’2

   Regular  Waist 25-39


    XL  Waist 31-49


*Other sizes available


  • The adjustable waist band fits different shapes and sizes, over different clothing

       (T- Shirt, Exercise Jacket, Winter Coat).


  • Great for Fitness Minded, Outdoor Lovers, Retired, Elderly


OSS 20-20 Safe Siren Vest (Weighs Less than 12 ounces) is a discreet/wearable “Personal Alarm System “and easy way to keep yourself or your loved ones protected.


  • The OSS 20-20  can be used virtually almost anywhere out alone solo with confidence and control (3point accessories), at your reach when you need back up or help, or just to ward of unwanted approaches.

  1. Running or Walking in new neighborhood, street or town.

  2. City, Country, Deep Woods

  3. Traveling abroad

  4. Walking or running in an unknown or known area

  5. Early Morning/Dark

  6. Early Evening/Dark

  7. New to the neighborhood or trying a new trail or road.

  8. Camping

  9. Elderly or Retired

  10. Training isolated areas

  11. Hiking in the woods

  12. Commuter at Night or Early Morning.

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