Our Teal Forest or Pink Forest Lights, are Flashlights designed to provide riders with  accesories that will match your adventure apparel choices and keep you safe in an emergency situation:


  • Multi-Focus Modes and 500 Lumens of light visibility to help find your way or signal for rescue.
  • Compass for Directions
  • Water Resistant
  • Hand Strap for Security


1) Unexpected Bike or Car Breakdown / Night Hours/ Early Dawn

2) Solo Lost in the Woods Scenario

3) Bad Weather Storm

4) Emergency Evacuation


Wherever your adventures lead you too, carry the style you prefer, be safe and easily spot your dropped light in the woods or dark.


TFL-1: Teal and Pink Forest Flashlights with Compass

SKU: TFL12021
Color 1: Teal
Color 2: Pink