Swan ( OSS 20-20 )
  • Swan ( OSS 20-20 )

    SKU: 202051

    The Secret to Your Safe well- being begins with a 3 Point Personal Alarm System (PAS)

    (Be seen and Be heard enhancing your safety in unsafe situations or environments)

    Our 3 Point PAS Includes the following:

                Discreetly Located

    • Two Siren Alarms with Quick and Easy access (Dual Pull Cords)

    • One High Pitched Whistle (Strategically located)

    • OSS 20-20 Safe Vest (weighs less than 12 ounces)

    • Loud siren sound that can be heard from as far away as 600 feet away

    • The alarm is activated simply by pulling the contact pin out with the pull cords and inserting it back in to turn off the alarm.


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